Aerial Installation Manchester

With the huge difference in properties in Manchester it is easy for an aerial installer to get a little daunted, from high-rise blocks of flats, through to huge Victorian houses to the humble terrace house. The difference in property can also lead to a completely different aerial or satellite system. With a normal home the system for either an aerial or satellite is pretty simple with few variations to it, compared to a multi switch system used for offices and apartment blocks. When it comes to dividing a satellite signal into multiple signal streams there are two general approaches that can be taken. One is to take the feed directly from the satellite dish, but with that there are limitations in that it is limited to the number of outputs on that LNB. The lnb comes in 3 types the single out put which is self explanatory, the quad  which has 4 outputs and the octo which has 8. After that if more points are needed, it’s either another dish or moving up the scale to installing a multiswitch system, that requires a different satellite dish and lnb. The then can be called up to 100’s of points coming from just one satellite dish. This system is alot more expensive and is usually reserved for big building projects. With the multi switch system there is the ability to incorporate an aerial installation.aerial fitters

For an Aerial Installation Manchester it is probably more likely that an engineer will be going to the domestic properties in the majority to carry out those installs, plus other jobs such as aerial repairs, upgrades. These are a tonne of residential residences in the area which are not apartments or huge buildings. The equipment an aerial fitter uses are a set of triple ladders, a roof ladder, and some sort of step-ladder or fold away ladder for when the engineer is in a house and needs to access the loft. The fitter will usually have at least one aerial meter that can also be used for satellite signal, and in some cases he’ll have a separate satellite meter such as a Horizon meter. These meters are one of the main tools of the trade for installers and without these pieces of equipment they would struggle to do their job.

After the meters would be the next most important tool and thats the impact drill for drilling holes into brickwork and masonary, also the drill gets used for drilling holes through walls for either single or twin coax cable. From there is the engineers tool belt with spanners and snips, stanley knife and a hammer plus other tools too. If the installer has all the correct tools with him he will be able to complete the job in a much quicker time.  There wouldn’t be too much difference with the tools used for fitting either a multi switch system or a domestic Digital Aerial to 1 room in the house.  If you need an aerial installation Manchester then click the link that follows for a recommended fitter


Aerial Footage of manchester