How much does an Aerial installation Cost

When it comes to the prices of services whether it be plumbing, or plastering or as we are talking about it aerial services, the prices of jobs will vary from engineer to engineer and is also subject to price difference due to how awkward or easy the job is. So, with the average price of an aerial installation to one point in the house there would naturally be some variables when pricing up a job. The things to take into consideration are firstly where the aerial and mast are going to go, and how accessable it is. If it is on a chimney stack, then can it be accessed from the roof ladder or wilaerial installationl it take alot of effort to get to that point. If the place where the aerial is going to go is accessable without too much effort, then the next thing to look at is what length of mast would be required?

will the aerial pick up a strong enough signal with just a standard mast to mount to, or will it require an extra long length of mast to clear obsticles like trees or buildings? A couple of other things to consider are the amount of cable required and will a booster amp be needed like a mast head amplifier? if so the amp will significantly impact on the cost of the aerial installation. An amp would be used in situations where the aerial is not getting enough quality signal to bring the average db to over 40db which is in most cases the cut off point for digital TV. By adding the mast head am the cost of an installation would increase by around £80 where as for a standard TV aerial installation with standard equipment would be in the region of £120-150.

It is always worth asking around if any friends or family have recently used an aerial fitter and if they could recommend them. Having a recommended engineer to come to the home and carry out an install is probably the best someone could hope for. Knowing in advance that the aerial man does a good job and is fair with there pricing will help to give peace of mind. This is better than just going for the cheapest quote over the phone, since there is no guarantee that the job would be done correctly or ina way that is neat. With a professional, the finish of the install will be better, for instance using the plastic weatherproof covers to fit oer the hole where the cable comes into the house is something a quality fitter will use, but a cheap nstallation would not include such a thing.