TV Aerial Installation Guide

This is a guide to help the average homeowner to get a quality TV Aerial Installation for a fair price and one that will include a guarantee for both the install dn the equipment. It will help to point someone in the right direct for where to go to get intouch with a qualified engineer one who is vetted. It will also help with giving a little know how as to what is actually neccessary. The first thing to consider is what exactly do you require, How many points in the house do you require a working aerial point? Once that is decided, it is worth thinking about the external coax cable which will be run from the aerial to where the aerial point is going to be. Will there be an actual aerial box for a cable to plug into or are you happy for just the cable to come through the wall and into the back of the TV. If you require the cable to be installed as descreetly as possible, then this is something that must be discussed with the engineer before he gives the quaote as it may require a longer or more difficult route for the cable to be run, and this would be reflected in the cost of the TV Aerial Installation.

Once these points have been sorted it is time to call up a few aerial fitters and discuss quotes. Where a good place to go would be the members of cai, Rdi and which local traders as these will be more likely to be qualified, do a proper job, and give you a guarantee of at least 12 months. The fitters are always keen to get feedback for the jobs they do and it isn’t a bad idea to see if they have any positive or negative reviews to take a look at, places to see these reveiws are yell, which local traders, G+ and yelp, as these platforms give the ability for the public to give honest feedback.


Digital TV Aerial Installation on a Chimney Stack